Privacy Policy

Processing sensitive data
Privacy Policy in accordance with art.13 Italian Legislative Decree No. 196/2003.
We inform you that sensitive data collected through the contact form on the page contacts, also known as e-mail form will be processed according to the provisions’ art.13 of Italian Legislative Decree No. 196/2003, regarding the protection of personal data.
The purpose of the contact form that you find on the website is to facilitate the visitor to contact us at any time considered appropriate; the contact form is limited to forward an email to the site administrator with the data provided by the visitor. The visitor, when submitting the form, pressing into the button, acknowledge and understand our Privacy Policy
Our Privacy Policy covers the personal information that the visitor to our website send after filling the form fields contacts.
The data supplied voluntarily through the form, is processed in an email; emails can be stored within the system receiving emails by your website or Studio Elsa.
These data are not recorded in any other way, nor with devices to your website.

1. Purpose of personal data
The purpose of processing personal data are the following:
The data is collected with the sole purpose of allowing the Studio Elsa to respond to questions or information requests through the contact form on the website.

2. Nature of the data and method of treatment
We collect only those common personal data relevant to the purposes mentioned in point 1.
The processing of personal data occurs through the operations indicated by paragraph 4 letter 1 of Italian Legislative Decree No. 196/2003, regarding the protection of personal data.
Data treatment is done directly by staff in charge of Studio Elsa.

3. Confirmation or refusal to provide personal data
Visitors are free to decide whether to provide personal data. By not providing their data it could be impossible for Studio Elsa to process and respond to requests.

4. Privacy
Personal data collected through the contact form will be forwarded by email to the administrator of the website, which will be the one that holds the data.

5. Rights of the parties involved
The person to whom the data relates may, at any time, request and obtain confirmation of the existence of the data, check the contents, correctness, ask the source, edit and correct (Art. 7 Italian Legislative Decree No. 196 / 2003 Code for the protection of personal data).
Consequently, in the same article, the person may request the cancellation, transformation into anonymous form, block them if processed in violation of the rule or, in any case, oppose the processing for legitimate reasons.

6. Duration of treatment
The processing of personal data will last only for the time needed to process them for the purposes for which they were collected.

7. Additional notes:
Studio Elsa is committed to protecting the privacy of the visitor and the information gathered is used in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.
Studio Elsa collects information for only two purposes: one, to follow your orders or requests, and two to provide the best possible service.
It will not be sent in future any email to which there has been no consensus.
You will be given the option to refuse any form of email advertising.
The information that can eventually be collected are: name, email address and, if you were to opt for anonymous surfing, the visitor’s IP address.
We will never be collected other information without the consent of the person concerned.
They will reap current and accurate information, which will be granted access by the person concerned simply by sending an email. Any error will be corrected or deleted immediately.
The data is still stored in accordance with current legislation.

Studio Elsa reserves the right to collect, by special teconologia web, information on the behavior of visitors to the site (eg: use of cookies that are stored in the browser). The browser of the visitor can always be changed in order to prevent this, may refuse to accept cookies and can browse anonymously, just modificarene settings.

For any questions or comments on the Notice do not hesitate to contact us by email.